Legitimacy and Citizenship in the Arab World

LSE Policy research project

Dr Rim Turkmani


Principal Investigator

Dr Rim Turkmani is the principal investigator of the research project Legitimacy and citizenship in the Arab world project.

She is also the research director of the Syria conflict research programme at the Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit in the Department of International Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Her policy-oriented research work focuses on the political economy and governance in Syria and the local drivers of the conflict and their relation to external dynamics. She is member of the Women Advisory Board to the UN special envoy to Syria.


In 2016 Turkmani wrote a chapter on the EU policy on Syria as part of the report ‘From hybrid peace to human security; Rethinking EU Strategy towards Conflict’  which was officially presented to the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy, Federica Mogherini as part of Mogherini global review of EU external strategy. Part of the language of the report was adopted in the final new EU external strategy that Mogherini published in 2016.

Contact Details:

Office: +44(0)207 955 6627

Mobile: +44(0)7986380690

Email: R.Turkmani@lse.ac.uk


Key Publications:

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