Legitimacy and Citizenship in the Arab World

Military and Politics in Syria (1946-1963): Alliances, Conflicts and Purges

Military and Politics in Syria (1946-1963):

(Published on Vol 12, No.1 (2020) “Narratives of Transformation” of Syria Studies, the official journal of the Centre for Syrian Studies (CSS) at the University of St. Andrews) 

By Khouloud Al Zghayare


In “Military and Politics in Syria (1946-1963): Alliances, Conflicts and Purges”, Khouloud Al Zghayare shares an extensive and detailed analysis of different stages of Syria’s contemporary history, focusing on the “consistent processes of exclusion and purges between and within the military and politics” which impacted and depleted both institutions. It is as a direct consequence of this struggle and its implications that, over a century after the establishment of modern Syria, there remains “no consensus on an inclusive national identity, and no constitutional government subject to separation of powers”.

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